Big Hemp And CBD Opportunities Expected Under Biden-Harris Administration 

 November 13, 2020

By  Stratis Hemp

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President-elect Joe Biden has made clear his intentions to bring the full weight of his office to counter climate change, and many in the hemp industry are pushing for industrial hemp to be a big part of that.

Between Biden's climate mandate and impending Congressional actions, things do appear to be moving in hemp's favor. Industry insiders are becoming more optimistic that these political changes could bring hemp into the mainstream and accelerate the creation of a national hemp processing infrastructure.

“If you and I get on the phone in 10 years and hemp fiber is not a huge part of the materials world,” says Josh Hendrix, board member of the U.S. Hemp Authority, “I’ll be shocked.”

As for CBD, a Biden Administration's appointments to lead the FDA and USDA could end the slow-walking of regulations and free hemp-derived ingredients to become readily available to everyone.

Read the full article at www.newhope.com

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