Hemp Industry Roundup: March 1, 2021

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Here is your latest Roundup of what's happening in the Hemp Industry today. Enjoy!

Hemp in the News

Hemp Industry Mourns Passing of Hemp Building Pioneer

Dion Markgraaff, 51, a pioneer in the cannabis and hemp building industries, passed away in his sleep at his home on Sunday, February 21.

Markgraaff, a resident of Vista, California, had a long career in cannabis and hemp, starting in Holland where in 1993 he started Europe's first hemp store, “Cannabis in Amsterdam.”

He was a founding member of the U.S. Hemp Building Association, serving as the organization's vice president.  Most recently Markgraaff had been hosting weekly hempcrete construction classes in Vista.

He will be missed.

Illinois Releases Hemp Harvest Numbers for 2020

The Illinois Department of Agriculture has released last year's final hemp harvest data.

Despite the COVID-19 pandemic, workforce safety challenges, and some initial issues with processing, Illinois' hemp industry proved to be resilient and strong.

Illinois Hemp by the numbers:

  • 2,734 acres planted
  • 1,278,000 lbs. of flower harvested
  • 39,000 lbs. of seed harvested
  • 8,500 lbs. of grain harvested
  • 48,000 lbs. of fiber harvested
  • 106 acres were harvested in greenhouses

Hemp Technology Inc.

Hemp Technology Inc.  (OTCPINK: HPTY) has announced that they are changing their name to RCMW Group, Inc. effective immediately.

Hemp Technology Inc. is a holding company with a diverse portfolio that includes assets, products, and ancillary offerings in the natural pet health supplements, vape manufacturing, nutraceuticals, hemp and related industries.

U.S. Hemp Authority Updates Industry Standards

The U.S. Hemp Authority has announced the release of an update to its Certification Standard (pdf) for CBD and hemp products used in dietary supplements, personal care products, foods, pet supplements, and other hemp fiber-based products.

The new standards closely follow existing guidance for botanicals developed by the American Herbal Products Association, including those for best agricultural and manufacturing practices. The company's certification process is meant as an industry guideline to provide high standards, best practices, and self-regulation.

U.S. Hemp Authority president, Marielle Weintraub, says, "The goal is to develop consumer credibility and transparency that will push the industry forward together."

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