Study: Benefits Of Cryogenic Freezing Of Cannabinoids 

 December 11, 2020

By  Stratis Hemp

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Researchers in the U.S. are studying the benefits of cryogenic freezing on cannabinoids. The findings could have a dramatic impact on the industry, from growers to end users.

[Cryogenics] can play an important role at several points in the hemp value chain:

  • Harvesting – Flash freezing freshly-harvested industrial hemp with liquid nitrogen prior to storage can help prevent biomass degradation or mold while locking in the chemical content.
  • Processing – Adding liquid nitrogen when grinding biomass material, to eliminate heat and oil stickiness that causes machine clogging and downtime.
  • Extraction – For ethanol extraction, using the ultracold properties of liquid nitrogen to maintain temperatures in the less than -80⁰C range for precise extraction.
  • Packaging – Dosing the final product with a small amount of liquid nitrogen to provide against oxidation or moisture, enhancing oil quality and shelf-life.
  • Inerting/Blanketing – Keeping oils free from moisture and oxygen via nitrogen blanketing to extend shelf-life, and to meet best practices standards for safety and quality.

Read the full article at hemptoday.net

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