Pushing The Outer Limits Of What Can Be Done With The Hemp Plant 

 November 23, 2020

By  Stratis Hemp

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China takes hemp seriously ... very seriously. The country has become a world leader in industrial hemp, pursuing innovations across the industry that will have a global impact.

The government is investing heavily in all facets of hemp research, production, processing, and manufacturing.

As Zhao Yusen, a member of the Heilongjiang provincial committee put it at a government conference earlier this year: “We will integrate domestic and international research and development forces, bring together technology and talent from around the world, and carry out collaborative innovation in resources, breeding, harvesting and processing machinery and other practical technologies to support industrial development.”

-- The Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences' Institute of Hemp has  developed numerous new hemp cultivars for CBD alone.

-- Large Chinese companies are expanding into hemp, and all of them have implemented aggressive R&D programs that are researching the outer limits of what the hemp plant is capable of.

While agronomists are quickly bringing China’s research into advanced hemp genetics to par with Western markets, extensive R&D is also underway in bio-pharmaceuticals and nutraceuticals, fiber & textiles, food, building materials and home furnishings, natural cosmetics, hemp bio-plastics and new materials for industrial engineering, bio-fuel and other forms of energy. Development extends from agronomy to high tech Big Data centers for cannabis traceability and global logistics; and business incubation clusters, many based in newly minted industrial parks specifically designed for hemp.

Chinese companies are also looking at things like detection technology and smart manufacturing, and strategizing about how to use the country’s rich digital landscape that’s designed to drive sales.

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