Pennsylvania Hemp Program Accepting Applications For 2021 Season 

 December 21, 2020

By  Stratis Hemp

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Pennsylvania has begun accepting mail-in applications for the 2021 industrial hemp season, and will start taking online applications in January. Applications can be submitted through April 1st.

In 2020, the Department issued 510 growing permits and, for the first time ever, issued 65 processing permits. For 2021, the Department is committed to continuing to foster the conditions for Pennsylvanians to grow a profitable, sustainable, and in-demand hemp product.

Notable Changes for the 2021 Hemp Program include:

  • Modification of minimum planting requirements:
    • Outdoor growers must plant a minimum of 150 plants. (Previously required to plant ¼ acres and 300 plants.)
    • Indoor growers must plant a minimum of 1,000 square feet and 100 plants. (Previously required to plant 2,000 square feet and 200 plants.)
  • The Department will issue research permits for institutions of higher education and research institutions. (For smaller scale research not resulting in commercial activity; details coming in January 2021.)
  • Removed the requirement for signage at grow sites, although the Department still recommends signage as a best management practice.
  • If the laboratory results for an officially sampled hemp lot are below the 0.3% Total THC compliance level, permitees can move the hemp crop upon receipt of the compliant Certificate of Analysis without need of a separate letter of clearance from PDA.

Additional Resources:
Full announcement - www.agriculture.pa.gov
Pennsylvania 2021 Hemp Permit Application Instructions (pdf) - www.agriculture.pa.gov
Pennsylvania’s Hemp General Permit Legislation - Act relating to Controlled Plants and Noxious Weeds (3 Pa.C.S.A. section 1501 et seq.)

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