Olde Wood Limited® Revolutionizes Sustainable Wood Flooring With Its Patent Pending Hemp Wood Filler Product -- The First And Only Natural, Renewable, Biodegradable Wood Filler Product Made From Hemp Plants 

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AngelFiber Available Exclusively on All Olde Wood Limited Flooring Products

Magnolia, OH, December 1, 2020 (Stratis Hemp News) -- Olde Wood Limited®, custom crafters of high-end, one-of-a-kind wood flooring, demonstrates further dedication to sustainability and wise use of natural resources with its new, patent pending AngelFiber Hemp Wood Filler.

This first-to-market, only-of-its-kind product is made from hemp plants grown in the heart of the Midwest. The natural VOC-free filler can be used to fill the open historical characteristics and enhance the aesthetic charm of Olde Wood Limited's collection of reclaimed building products. AngelFiber Hemp Wood Filler contains fibers and oils from a flowering hemp plant, which means it has the ability to continually replace itself. These natural properties help to reverse waste and create a more sustainable, biodegradable product. This Hemp Wood Filler is also stronger, more durable, flexible and more resilient than other synthetic knot fillers, further adding to the proven quality of Olde Wood Limited's breadth of wood flooring options.

This new, patent pending product builds upon Olde Wood Limited's heritage to harvest and manufacture wood more sustainably. For decades, Olde Wood Limited has been practicing sustainable wood manufacturing, transforming reclaimed building materials into new stunning showpieces for homes and commercials spaces. With the addition of this new AngelFiber Hemp Wood Filler, they continue to honor this heritage, impacting the environment — and now the economy — in a more positive way.

"As the first and only manufacturer of this specialty, patent pending hemp wood filler product, not only are we taking special care of the Earth's natural resources," says Tommy Sancic, owner and founder of Olde Wood Limited, "we are also proudly creating more jobs for hard-working Americans in this new era of cannabis farming and manufacturing."

Now, consumers can choose AngelFiber as a wood filler option available exclusively on all Olde Wood Limited flooring products. These collections feature expertly crafted hardwood and engineered wide plank flooring available in a variety of colors, textures and finishes — from sturdy oak, light-bodied walnut and golden heart pine to rich-textured chestnut and many more — all of which can now be enhanced new AngelFiber Hemp Wood Filler.

For pricing and more information about Olde Wood Limited building products, including patent pending AngelFiber Hemp Wood Filler, visit www.OldeWoodLtd.com. Or, call a Design Specialist (1-866-208-9663) today to receive a sample with the new AngelFiber Hemp Wood Filler.

About Olde Wood Limited®
Olde Wood Limited® crafts the finest lumber into custom, one-of-a-kind masterpieces full of history, beauty, charm and character. Founded in 1997 by Tommy and Mandy Sancic, Olde Wood Limited has grown to become the authority on wide plank flooring and reclaimed building materials for architects, designers, builders and homeowners alike. For more information on their reclaimed and traditionally milled lumber, please visit www.OldeWoodLtd.com.

Source: Olde Wood Limited

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