How Hemp Can Help Fuel A Sustainable Construction Revolution 

 January 19, 2021

By  Stratis Hemp

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The construction industry is among the biggest contributors to global carbon dioxide emissions, making it imperative that more sustainable, eco-friendly building methods and materials be used if we are to get a handle on the climate crisis.

It is estimated that buildings and construction account for 36% of global final energy use and 39% of energy-related carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions.

Reducing energy use in homes and the broader built environment is a major priority of governments planning to meet the climate targets.

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Enter hemp.

Hemp is light, good at regulating moisture and heat, and is a good insulator. It’s also cheap, easy and fast to grow, and non-toxic to handle.

Because of its fast growth (hemp fiber is usually ready for harvest in just two months) – structural blocks and panels made from hemp and “hempcrete” – one of several specific hemp building products – could become an alternative to more traditional cement blocks and timber framing. Hemp oil from the seeds is already widely used in a range of industrial and commercial products and provides additional revenue for farmers. Its fast growth rate allows it to out-compete other raw materials because it is rapidly renewable, needs few inputs to grow well and can be used in a wide variety of diverse industries. For example, hemp can produce about four times as much paper as trees per acre.

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