Hemp Textiles For A Better, More Sustainable Future 

 November 19, 2020

By  Stratis Hemp

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It is well known that hemp makes for very durable, workable fabrics. Heck, archeologists have uncovered ancient civilizations that knew of the wonders of hemp textiles, yet, it is still not in widespread use today.

But, things may be about to change.

As the populace awakens to the importance of climate change and sustainable living, expect major shifts in behavior, and demands for better alternatives to existing products and ways of doing things.

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Enter industrial hemp ...

Now that the hemp plant is being cultivated all across the US, people are once again realizing the potential of hemp as a textile and hemp fabric. Many companies have started crafting clothing, specifically outdoor clothing, made out of hemp fabric because of its durability. The more you wear hemp fabric, the softer it gets.

Not to mention, hemp fabric has proven to be much more insulating and water-proof than traditional cotton, and growing it may be transformative for the environment. Decades ago, we learned that hemp produces at least four times more hectares of oxygen than trees do, and they take nearly ΒΌ of the time to grow and be ready for manufacturing. Hemp has the potential to combat deforestation, all while working to purify the air and create eco-friendly textiles, among many other things.

As with all things regarding hemp, there still needs to be more regulatory reform, certainly major investments in hemp infrastructure, and continued public education efforts before we see widespread adoption of hemp-based products. But it's coming, and probably sooner than you think!

Read the full article at https://nationalhempassociation.org

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