Hemp Greens, Headed To A Salad Near You? 

 November 24, 2020

By  Stratis Hemp

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Hemp leaves make a great, super-healthy addition to salads. This fact is common knowledge among hemp devotees, but now, the groundwork is being set for hemp greens to go mainstream.

One recent example comes from Robert Masson, hemp grower and agriculture extension agent with the University of Arizona's Yuma County Extension.

Masson and his team surveyed local consumers who were given samples of several types of hemp to compare against three commonly available greens -- romaine, kale and baby leaf spinach.

"In general, the hemp was really well liked. Some people didn't like it, but most of the people did," Masson said. "They reported minty flavors, fruity flavors and just a little bit of floral."

Attendees rated the crispiness of the hemp to be similar to kale.

In its overall likeability, the community rated romaine and spinach higher than the hemp at a 4.1 on a one through five scale.

Hemp was rated a 3.3.

We at Stratis Hemp predict hemp greens will be ubiquitous in stores and restaurants in the very near future.

Read the full article at https://kyma.com

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