Hemp Bioplastics May Be Answer To Global Plastic Pollution Problems 

 January 8, 2021

By  Stratis Hemp

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In an effort to combat plastic pollution, countries around the globe are enacting legislation banning plastics, especially single-use plastics, and hemp entrepreneurs are prepared to offer alternatives in the form of biodegradable, hemp-based bioplastics.

Canada has rolled out a list of single-use plastics that will be banned in the country by the end of 2021. Restrictions on single-use plastics include straws, coffee stirrers, drink rings, plastic cutlery, take-out food containers and plastic shopping bags.

The ban is one part of the benchmarks the Canadian government has identified in its goal to achieve zero plastic waste by 2030.

In the U.S., more than 500 environmental groups banded together last month to ask Biden to take more steps to curb plastics pollution. The wish list included a federal purchasing ban on single-use plastics and suspending or denying permits for new or expanded plastic production facilities.

And in Europe, the European Industrial Hemp Association (EIHA) released a paper last fall that outlines the ways that the crop can support the European Green Deal – the EU’s long-term plan to shift to a clean, circular economy, stop climate change, reverse biodiversity loss and cut pollution.

Read the full article at hempindustrydaily.com

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