Farm Equipment Manufacturer Bets Big On Hemp 

 December 4, 2020

By  Stratis Hemp

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125-year old farm equipment manufacturer New Holland Agriculture sees huge opportunities in hemp's future.

New Holland is the only major equipment manufacturer to have their own dedicated 15-acre hemp testing farm. A fact that gives the company the opportunity to discover firsthand just what farmers need in hemp cultivation and harvesting equipment.

“We wanted to better understand the complexities of hemp by farming it ourselves, which explains why we took the time and effort to discover more about this fibrous crop. More importantly, we wanted to ensure that our haymaking equipment and harvesting equipment worked properly with hemp,” said Jon Hundley, Marketing Manager, New Holland Agriculture.

“The ‘in-the-hemp-field’ experience gave our team perspective on how our company can better serve as advocates for hemp farmers and continue to push the industry forward,” adds Hundley.

New Holland Agriculture’s product offerings, including its harvesting, cutting and baling equipment, are already being used in hemp farming operations, and Hundley believes that the company will grow with the industry. “Hemp is an unbelievable opportunity for future farmers and the next generation because it is such a new commodity, and the crop excites young farmers who are ready to grow something new.”

Hundley predicts as hemp becomes a viable crop in more states that more farmers will plant it as a secondary crop to diversify. “That’s where the excitement is with hemp. It provides the opportunity to do something different for the betterment of the future.”

Read the full article at www.letstalkhemp.com

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