California-Based Insectary Purchased By European Biocontrols Producer 

 December 7, 2020

By  Stratis Hemp

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Belgium-based Biobest Group NV has purchased California-based Beneficial Insectary through its U.S. subsidiary, Biobest USA.

Terms of the acquisition were not disclosed, but, according to a joint statement, both companies will retain their individual identities, operate autonomously, and continue to supply their respective customer bases.

Beneficial Insectary, located in Redding, California, is a large-scale independent producer of insects for natural crop management. They specialize in raising both beneficial and predatory insects used for crop protection and pest control, while Biobest focuses on pollination and biological controls.

Biobest USA and Beneficial Insectary will focus on operational synergies to secure a reliable supply of locally produced beneficials.

Beneficial insects and biological control agents produced through insectaries are widely used in cannabis production for both hemp and marijuana crops, as they allow growers an organic, preventative approach to integrated pest management in the absence of conventional crop protection options.

Read the full article at hempindustrydaily.com

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