Humidi.co Announces Launch Of Fully Sustainable Packaging 

By  Stratis Hemp

Humidi.co signals the beginning of the end for single-use plastic in cannabis

SACRAMENTO, CA, November 4, 2020 (Stratis Hemp News) -- Humidi.co, an industry leader in cannabis packaging is proud to announce the launch of its new sustainable packaging "Humidi Naturals". Packaging will be home-compostable and aims to remove plastic waste from the cannabis supply chain.

The new biodegradable line of packaging takes aim at the estimated 150 million tons of single-use plastic waste produced every year, of which 90% is not recycled and continues to collect in landfills and oceans. "This really is a game changer for the cannabis industry," said Jonathan Heiniemi, CEO at Humidi.co. "With our new line of compostable products, consumers can simply compost packaging in their own backyard or bring products to any composting facility across the United States." Products are designed to fully compost at home within 14-18 months and will be offered as child-resistant caps and pre-roll tubes by early 2021 with jars anticipated later in the year.

Humidi.co introduces "Humidi Naturals" to meet the changing needs of the cannabis industry.

  • Biodegradable: Cannabis brands and consumers are seeking responsibly sourced and environmentally sustainable products
  • Made in the U.S.A: Brands and consumers, desire products that are sourced and manufactured in the United States
  • Cost Effective: The industry needs cost-effective and viable solutions to the growing packaging waste problems. Humidi.co will offer the first of its kind, home-compostable packaging at pricing that is competitive with current glass and plastic offerings.

Humidi.co has worked tirelessly, to develop and test "Humidi Naturals", with the goal of providing fully sustainable solutions for the cannabis market by 2021. With the announcement of tubes and lids available in early 2021, Humidi.co is well positioned to bring this vision to life.


For more information visit www.humidi.co/naturals or contact sales@humidi.co

About Humidi.co

The Humidi Mission: "Changing the World Through Packaging"; with new sustainable options Humidi.co is working to be THE company to change the narrative on packaging and what it means to our environment.

Humidi.co has been servicing the cannabis industry with elegant and cost-effective packaging for over 10 years. Options include child-resistant, tamper-evident and humidity control options and are offered in sizes to match every need. From large bin liners to concentrate jars, Humidi.co has hemp and cannabis packaging covered.

Source: Humidi.co

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