Green Point Research Gathers Florida's Largest Legal Hemp Harvest in Over 80 Years 

 October 29, 2020

By  Stratis Hemp

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FORT LAUDERDALE, FL, October 29, 2020 (Stratis Hemp) -- Green Point Research (Green Point), an international phytocannabinoid-rich biomass originator and processor, completed the largest hemp harvest in the State of Florida in over 80 years. The multi-day, 110-acre harvest in North Florida reaped over 500,000 hemp plants and is part of a broader 150-acre fall hemp harvest for the company.

Largest Legal Hemp Harvest in Florida in Over 80 Years
Largest Legal Hemp Harvest in Florida in Over 80 Years

Holly Bell, Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services (FDACS), visited the Hamilton County site to view the large scale operations and speak with the executive team about best practices that helped drive the successful milestone harvest. "Florida has a unique advantage to grow hemp because of the superior climate and the strength of the existing specialty crop market. The Sunshine State's diverse and robust agriculture supply chain is driven by farmers accustomed to making the type of adaptations needed to stabilize different crops, including nascent crops such as hemp," said Director of Cannabis for FDACS, Holly Bell. "It was an honor to be a part of the State's largest hemp harvest in decades to see first-hand the quality results of Green Point Research's hard work, innovation, and close collaboration with our team and its research and development partners."

"Florida's low seasonality and great temperature provide the perfect growing environment for hemp. The unique ecosystem provided by nature aids in our velocity of innovation as the conditions are favorable to grow multiple crops per year and adapt best practices frequently. We are at our one-year mark of growing at this North Florida location, and the harvest this month is the third iteration of that process. Our company has produced our own seeds and is demoing these varietals as a result of a pilot project with Florida State University.  We also have regular compliance testing each week as part of our diligent integrated plant management," said David Hasenauer, Chief Executive Officer at Green Point Research. "Our agronomic thesis that Florida would provide a superior production platform is turning out to be correct. We are having great success with this milestone hemp harvest and appreciate all the support that has collectively helped our company propel Florida back into this nascent and growing industry."

Green Point aims to utilize the entire hemp plant within its operation as innovation and scale in the industry continue to increase. This harvest is focused on the production of the plant's inherent cannabinoid compounds like cannabidiol otherwise known as "CBD". While the bulk of the cannabinoids are found in the harvested flowers, the whole plant is being harvested and processed for CBD crude oil, distillate, and isolate to maximize cannabinoid yield. The hemp fiber and biomass leftover from this extraction process will be used in various industries, including agriculture, industrial, and manufacturing.

While harvested hemp can be stored wet for several months under the right conditions, by using its newly designed state-of-the-art hemp drying technology and equipment, Green Point Research expects to dry 4 input tons per hour throughout harvest. The superior dryer design integrates hammer mills so that the harvested hemp can be milled into a uniform particle size for maximum CBD extraction efficiency. GPR believes it is the only company in Florida with this drying capacity at present.

The U.S. is one of the global leaders in hemp cultivation, and this significant harvest by Green Point Research in Florida is an exemplar of the nation's efforts to increase domestic sourcing of the crop.

About Green Point Research

Green Point Research (GPR) is a vertically integrated phytocannabinoid-rich biomass originator and processor founded in 2016. GPR controls its supply chain from seed to processing bulk cannabinoids for business to business sale. Satividol, GPR's consumer brand, offers high quality CBD products currently as softgels and topical creams. Contact Green Point Research at 954-500-HEMP to learn more about the Green Point Methodâ„¢ and how to purchase hemp seeds, seed starts, and clones. For more information, please visit www.greenpointresearch.com.

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Source: Green Point Research via PR Newswire

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