Arbor Vita8 Announces Opening Of Largest Hemp Processing Facility In The Southeast Region 

 November 2, 2020

By  Stratis Hemp

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  • Arbor Vita8 Announces Opening Of Largest Hemp Processing Facility In The Southeast Region

The new facility will bring much needed processing capacity and expertise to farmers across the Southeast United States.

PHENIX CITY, AL, November 2, 2020 (Stratis Hemp News) -- Arbor Vita8 is pleased to announce the opening of its new hemp processing facility. The 75,000 square foot facility is centrally located in Phenix City, Alabama, and it is uniquely positioned to bring much needed industry to the Southeast region along with hemp-specific expertise. Barriers to entry such as lack of necessary equipment and clear regulatory guidance, as well as prohibitive costs have dampened the region's participation in the hemp industry. Arbor Vita8 is positioned to bolster this region's efforts to be a significant contributor and leader in the hemp industry, while also providing additional support to the agriculture and manufacturing sectors.

"In order for the industry to be successful everyone needs to be winning. That means farmers grow crops they can get processed, processors can process quality biomass they can sell to manufacturers, and manufacturers get a great value on quality extract for use in their products," say Jason Sirotin, Arbor Vita8 CEO. "Whether farmers are working with us or not, farmers should not put a seed in the ground unless they have a clear path to processing."Arbor Vita8's new facility will come equipped with advanced technologies that will allow for increased production and output in the Southeast region. These technologies include an industrial dryer, able to dry 10,000 pounds of biomass an hour, and an industrial extractor with the capability to extract up to 5,000 pounds per day into crude, distillate, t-free distillate and more. This increased volume will help the Southeast gain traction in the hemp industry.

Accompanied with the new technologies, Arbor Vita8's talented staff will bring decades of experience across a range of industries to the Phenix City area. This expertise includes hemp cultivation, processing, and retail, video production, digital marketing, application development, and more.

In addition to the new hemp processing facility, Arbor Vita8 will be centering itself on becoming an educational leader in the hemp industry. The company has developed an educational hub delivering reliable, trustworthy information, covering topics such as best practices for growing, the tools of the trade, new technology, and beyond.

The new processing facility is located at:

15 Copeland Dr
Phenix City AL

To learn more about Arbor Vita8, please visit their website at https://arborvita8.com/. For more information about their educational hub, visit https://arborvita8.com/resource-center/.

ABOUT ARBOR VITA8:  Arbor Vita8 is a seed-to-sale commercial hemp company operating out of a 75,000 sq ft facility in Phenix City, Alabama. As the leading resource for licensed hemp seed sales, cultivation, processing and wholesaling, Arbor Vita8 is focused on helping our farming and manufacturing partners thrive. Visit https://arborvita8.com for more information.

Media Contact: Jason Sirotin
Main: (855) 633-3929 ext. 700
Mobile: (678) 855-5169

Source: Arbor Vita8

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